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IDS Management

IPDAS greatly simplifies your firm's citation management, including:

  • All references cited or to be cited in a case can be recorded in IPDAS and will flow to members of the family and subject matter group.

  • Employees can also link PDFs of foreign patents, non-patent literature references, and translations directly to the corresponding citation in IPDAS.

  • PDFs only have to be linked to a reference once and that link flows to every other case citing that reference.

  • Detailed status tracking of each reference enables firms to confirm they are thoroughly cross-citing references across families and subject matter groups.

  • Bulk import tools allow users to import from spreadsheets, word tables and PTO SB-08s directly into the IPDAS record, and import references for issued patents directly from the USPTO.

  • IPDAS downloads PDFs of foreign patents and their translations from Espacenet either individually or in bulk.

  • EFS Upload: when employees upload an IDS to EFS-Web, IPDAS not only uploads the IDS, but all linked PDFs associated with the IDS (such as foreign patents, NPL documents, or translations). This is accomplished all with one automated upload.

Bulk tools are used to import references from spreadsheets, Word tables, SB-08s, and issued patents. References flow to cases related by priority or subject matter. Corresponding PDFs for foreign patents, NPLs, or translations are linked to references, which makes it easier to assemble the IDS package for e-filing.


IPDAS automatically tracks the status of each reference, which helps with thoroughly cross-citing references across families and subject matter groups.

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