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Tech Specs

Below are the technical requirements necessary to support IPDAS in your organization.

Supported Server Operating Systems
  • Windows 2022

  • Windows 2019

  • Windows 2016

SQL Server Requirements

Supported SQL server versions (Enterprise\Standard):

  • SQL Server 2022

  • SQL Server 2019

  • SQL Server 2017

  • SQL Server 2016

  • SQL Server 2014 (EOL July 2024)

For larger firms (approximately 100 attorneys), we recommend a SQL Server with 16 GB of RAM.

The IPDAS database will typically occupy 1-5 GB of disk space (excluding back-ups) for a large firm.

User Workstation Requirements

Supported client operating systems:

  • Windows 11 (through 23H2)

  • Windows 10 (through 22H2)

Supported Microsoft Word versions:

  • MS Word 365 Semi-Annual Channel (currently 2308)

  • MS Word 2021

  • MS Word 2019

  • MS Word 2016

  • 32-bit and 64-bit

Note: MS Word 365 will be supported while its current Semi-Annual version is supported. As of January 2024, that version is 2308. We plan to support future Semi-Annual versions of Office shortly after their release, but not necessarily on the same schedule that Office 365 offers them.

Supported browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

Supported Adobe Acrobat & Reader versions:

  • All Acrobat versions supported by EFS-Web

GhostScript requirement:

  • All versions are supported.

We recommend that user workstations running Windows 10 or later have at least 16 GB of RAM, although IPDAS can function with far less.

Supported Document Management Systems
  • ​iManage

  • NetDocuments

  • Open Text Docs Open

  • Open Text eDOCS DM

  • Worldox

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