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More than you ever imagined  all in one tool!

  • Prepare PTO/PCT/EPO forms, client letters, and emails, both individually and in bulk

  • Upload documents to Patent Center for all filing types, including large IDSs

  • Manage prior art for cross-citing in large families and groups

  • Tree Views describe each case’s priority and subject matter relationships

  • IPDAS profiles and saves documents directly into your existing Document Management System (DMS)

Designed to improve overall speed and data integrity

  • Integration with your docketing system ensures that data is current, consistent, and accurate

  • Easy-to-use tools populate data into your database from filing authority systems

  • Auto-saving improves consistency and accuracy of document profiles

  • Avoid common errors caused by staff reusing old documents

  • Automated notifications for IPDAS-detected events


Data and documents – available at your fingertips.

IPDAS includes many seamless, under-the-hood integrations:

  • We build a custom integration with your commercial docketing system to import data into the IPDAS program, ensuring your data is accurate and consistent.

  • Integrations with USPTO, EPO, and WIPO systems allow you to import data, documents, and citations from these valuable resources.

  • IPDAS integrates with your commercial Document Management System (DM), auto-profiling and saving documents from a variety of sources: documents and emails generated by users, e-Office Action documents, Patent Center downloads, etc.

Data Accuracy

IPDAS helps ensure that data is complete, valid, consistent, and accurate.

IPDAS dramatically reduces errors in prosecution documents by minimizing the need to retype data and by providing data validation features.

  • Automated imports from docketing and USPTO and EPO websites


  • Names and addresses are entered into IPDAS just once – never to be typed again

  • IPDAS maintains one record per person or entity, promoting uniformity of shared information

  • Pick-lists facilitate easy data selection

  • IPDAS duplicate checker reduces accidental double entries

  • IPDAS checks for missing and incorrect data


IPDAS provides multiple automation tools to get more work done – faster!

  • Patent Center uploads: IPDAS handles PTO naming conventions, PDF requirements, etc. No need for manual uploading!

  • Generates PTO forms either individually or in bulk, and then auto-profiles them into your DM – either individually or in bulk

  • Bulk imports from Patent Center and Espacenet eliminate the need to manually enter data

  • Bulk downloads of documents from the USPTO's e-Office Action program, Patent Center, Espacenet, etc.

  • Bulk saves of all types of documents from Windows drives, DM system, Outlook emails, etc.

Data Accuracy
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